Blue Ink Films

is a creative independent film and television production company based in Dublin, Ireland.

About Us

Blue Ink Films was set up by Ruth Carter working across both TV and film throughout development and production. Our core aim is to produce and collaborate with new and up and coming writers/ directors to deliver their vision whether in feature films or in television.

With extensive experience in TV and film development and production and a passion for stories with the realisation that a strong shooting script is the key to success; Ruth will work alongside creative talent to ensure the best TV series/ film possible will get made. With 15 years of experience and contacts throughout the industry both in Ireland and the UK, Ruth is well placed to move these projects into production.



Ruth has been working as a producer for 7 years now with a movie, four TV series, a documentary and three TV Movies under her belt. As a producer for hire Ruth is interested in being involved from script stage in order to assist with the early development…


Having worked the last 15 years in the TV and film industry in both development and production, Writer/ Producer Ruth Carter is now offering a tailored service to writers, producers and directors where she will assist in script stage from development right…


Ruth is a talented writer who has been working on TV and film ideas for a number of years now. With her first feature script having received development finance from The Irish Film Board as well as her extensive experience of mentoring writers Ruth is interested…

Our Experience

Ruth Carter

Ruth Carter

Ruth has most recently developed and produced ‘Damo & Ivor - The Movie’ which is a spin off of the incredibly successful TV series Damo & Ivor.  

She also produced and script edited 'Ends Meet' this year which is the first comedy animation for adults that RTE has commissioned. She script edited and produced 'Hardy Bucks Series 4' as well as script editing and executive producing RTE mockumentary 'The School'. 

Ruth also generates ideas, writes her own material, sources writers, negotiates deals, provides script notes and works alongside the writer, producer and director to get the script ready for production. She has received development financing from MEDIA Slate funding as well as working alongside both the Irish Film Board and RTE.


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