Ruth has been working as a producer for 7 years now with a movie, four TV series, a documentary and three TV Movies under her belt. As a producer for hire Ruth is interested in being involved from script stage in order to assist with the early development of the project. The better the script, the easier it will be to attract key cast, crew and financing.

Ruth has most recently developed and produced Damo & Ivor - The Movie off the back of the very successful TV series Damo & Ivor which RTE broadcast for two series. Damo & Ivor Series 2 managed to capture a 49% share of our target audience (15-24 years old). For episode 1 we were also trending number 10 in the World on Twitter.

She also recently produced the first animaton series for adults that RTE has commissioned called Ends Meet. As well as producing Hardy Bucks Series 4 and script editing and executive producing the RTE mockumentary The School. 

Ruth also produced a documentary for RTE called Nine Stone Lighter. 

Ruth was also a Producer on a Hallmark TV movie Chasing Leprechauns as well as an Associate Producer on two others The Cabin and Honeymoon for One.

Ruth is now developing a new slate of projects to bring from development right through to production.